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As per the latest news, Canadian Government extends the flight ban from India to direct Canada. The extension has come at a time when several countries have been relaxing at the restrictions for Indian travellers. So what are the available options for travellers?

Transport Canada, The North American country's department has extended the ban on direct flights from India till 21 September 2021 because of the risk posed by the COVID-19 virus.

The situation will become more worst of those who are applying for student visas for higher education in Canada.

  • Said by Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport of Canada,

"Protecting the health and safety of Canadians continues to be our top priority. After reviewing public health data, we have decided to extend the direct flight ban between Canada and India until September 21, 2021."

  • Why Canada has extended the flight ban?

As per the above statement by Transport Canada that the country's phased approach measures is informed by the continued monitoring of vaccination rate of Canadians and the improving situation . Therefore, as advised by the Public health Agency of Canada, the Transportation department extended the ban on the direct flights from India.

  • Travel restrictions for other Countries.

Like Canada many other countries had closed their borders for Indian Travellers, which is the major drawback because of COVID-19. But now they have partially relaxed at their rules.

US now allowing students to enter,

UK removed India from its 'Red' list to 'Amber' list- means no compulsory quarantine.

UAE allowing resident visa holders and transiting passengers from India

European Countries such as Germany, France and Spain have opened up their borders for Indian travellers.

  • Is there any other option for Indians to fly to Canada?

While the direct flights are banned from India to Canada is banned, Canada is allowing Indian Travellers to enter the Canada border via third country. The traveller must have a COVID 19 test done from that third country other than India before continuing their journey to Canada.

Canada's Transport department said that its government continues to closer monitor the epidemiological situation, will be working closely with the Government of India and aviation operators to ensure appropriate procedures put in place to resume a safe direct flights as soon as possible.

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