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The UK reduced the cost of COVID-19 tests on this Saturday 14th August 2021 for international travellers including India.

Passengers who are returning from Green list countries or Amber list countries like India, they had to pay 170 pounds to 136 pounds (USD 235 to USD 188) for the both COVID-19 test. The test must be taken on 2nd and 8th day of their arrival from abroad.

But as per the recent announcement the cost of COVID-19 tests for international travellers from Amber list countries like India from 88 pounds to 68 pounds (USD 122 to USD 94), passengers who are returning from Green list countries or Amber list destinations like India, if they are fully vaccinated they need to pay 20 pounds (USD 27) only.

The test must be taken on the day or before day two after the traveller arrives in England.

Since, India was moved from the Red list to Amber list, that means travellers coming into the UK, and they can self isolate at their place instead of paying extra charge at government managed hotels.

As per the Department of Health and Social care said, "The price reduction does not affect the travellers from the Red list countries." The National Health Service Test and Trace provide COVID-19 tests for international travellers.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javed has announced a rapid internal review of the price charged by the government approved companies after they got to know that holidaymakers are being exploited over private testing.

He added "Any test provider found to be misleading the public will be thrown out. There are too many dishonest person needs to stop and let the public enjoy their summer vacation without facing unnecessary costs."

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