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If you are planning to visit abroad for then you need to get vaccination with both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine.But because of the gap between two doses has created many issues, So the government has allowed some categories to receive their second dose before the 84 days, which are as below.

  1. For Students, who have applied to any foreign institutes.

  2. Those who have to take up jobs in foreign countries,

  3. Olympics contingent.

The union government issued a Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which is allowing people who wants to travel for education purposes, joining employment and as part of the Tokyo Olympics to take the second dose of covishied before the prescribed time.

They need to send an email on , with their documents including visa and passport copy, admission letter of foreign university and valid certificate of Covishield first dose.

However, In this exception cases, anyone can take the second dose after 28 days from the first dose of covishield, as per the SOPs.

1. Students who have to travel for educational purpose.

The centre has allowed students who have to travel for education to receive their second dose OF vaccine before the prescribed 84 days gap.

They need to carry I-10 or DS-160 form/ verified confirmation letter issued by concerned foreign universities, along with personal identification documents.

According to the SOP,

"First The competent authority shall check whether the 28 days has passed after the date of the first dose and they need to show the genuineness of the purpose of travel, based on the documents related to admission procedures or the associated formal communications for education."

"The competent authority will also check whether a person is already studying in a foreign institution and has to return to that institution for continuing his/her education"

2. Those who have to take up jobs in foreign countries

people who are travelling abroad for jobs, they can also get the benefits of the special dispensation of the reduced gap between covishield doses. According to the government notification, whose who have to take up jobs in foreign countries can get their second dose before 84 days.

3. Olympics contingent

The government has also allowed athletes, sports persons and the accompanying staff of the Indian contingent attending the games to get the second dose under this arrangement.

However the government said that for all these special categories, the second dose would only be administered after 28 days from the first dose.

This facility shall be available to those who undertake international travel for those specified purpose till August 31 of this year.

How do you avail vaccination in such cases?

According to the health ministry, second dose of vaccination will be availed in such cases through passport, which is one of the permissible ID document according to the guidelines, so the passport number is printed in the vaccination certificate.

The competent authority may issue another certificate linking the verification certificate with the passport number of the beneficiary.

The centre said, if you have mentioned vaccine type as "Covishield" is sufficient and no other qualifying entries are required in the vaccination certificates.

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