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Hello visitors,

Greetings from Kaprisan Overseas.

Hope you all are doing well.

So Kaprisan is here with so many job opportunities for your dream future.

If you are looking for an abroad job, this post might help you.

Malta is very famous for its cultural diversity. With breathtaking landscapes and a warm climate, it is a popular tourist destination for lots of people.

New job opportunities for many positions.


- Education minimum H.S.C.

- 3 years genuine experience in the similar position.

- Able to communicate in English.

Currently available vacancies for Malta:

1. Waiter/Waitress

2. Cleaner

3. Housekeeping

4. Kitchen helper

5. Storekeeper

6. Bartender

7. Commi chef

8. Barista

9. Spa therapist

10. Spa manager

11. Maintenance Technician

12. Staff Nurse

13. Care worker

14. Home helper

15. Mechanical Engineer

16. Mechanical engineer for car and truck

17. Marine Engineer

18. General worker for fish farm

19. Welder

20. Metal fabrication

21. Car/Truck/boat Mechanic

22. Electrician - plumber

23. Hydraulic Mechanic

24. Housekeeper for private house

25. Sales executive

26. Machine operator

27. Fitter ( Door and furniture)

28. Tool maker

29. Commercial cleaner

30. Dish washer

31. Plumber

32. Carpenter

33. Handyman

34. Plasterer

35. Construction helper

Minimum Wages: 950 to 1100 EUROS.

Time period 4 to 5 months.

Process for Malta

1st round of Interviews from the India Office, if shortlisted then:

1. Registration and submission of documents

2. Interview 2 From Malta Office (If selected)

3. Offer letter and Employment Contract

4. Application submission in Identity Malta (280 Euros)

5. Receive Approval In-principal letter

6. Biometrics and Passport submission at VFS


Thank you.

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