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Ukraine was one of the popular study destinations for Medical students for a variety of reasons, including low tuition fees for medical programs, easy student visa procedures, and access to European residences.

Over 76,000 international students studied in Ukraine before the war, most of who were from India and Africa.

Every medical student who was evacuated to India from war has a reason for relief, but these returnees’ anxieties have hardly ended because the Ukraine crisis doesn't ease soon.

The National Medical Commission, in a notification issued on March 4, that foreign medical graduates whose internships were pending due to war, are eligible to complete the remaining part of their internship in India, but there are no directions for those in the initial years of their courses so these future doctors are worried about their interrupted education.

As per educationist CS Kandpal, there were 18,000 Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine. Therefore, it is impossible to offer immediate admission to Indian colleges to all of these students. According to Kandpal most of the medical colleges already have full enrollments, so there doesn't seem to be any immediate arrangements for these students.

Why direct admission to medical colleges not possible?

  • There is a proper admission procedure to get an admission into Indian colleges and students cannot be given direct admissions.

  • As students in India get admission into medical colleges on merit, direct admission would dilute the entry standards at Indian medical colleges

If the war ends in Ukraine shortly, the Universities there will take a long period to get back to normal.

There are no transfers or admissions flexibilities offered by NMC at Indian medical colleges so there are a few other countries options like Poland, Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia.

There are a few options with the best colleges where you can get an admission with the help of


1. Serbia

Tuition Fees: 5500 EUROS per year

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuition Fees: 3100 EUROS

3. Bulgaria

Tuition Fees: 4000 EUROS


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